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In order to assist the initiators of investment projects registered and operating in the Rostov region, in the support of an investment project and receipt of state support (information, financial, educational, property), a single document has been developed in the Rostov region, providing for the mechanism of organization of investment projects, support from regional and municipal authorities of the Rostov region — Regulation of Support of Investment Projects by the «One Window» Principle in the Territory of the Rostov region.

The Regulation provides for a mechanism for the implementation of an investment project in the territory of the Rostov region, starting from the moment when the entity (through the application of the initiator of the investment project) applies to the regional and municipal authorities to get assistance in the project and/or provide state support until the entity is put into operation.

Also, in the Rostov region there are other documents created, namely Investors Feedback System, Investor Guide for the Rostov region.


The Regulation specifies the participants in the process of supporting investment projects in the Rostov region, the mechanism for organizing the investment process, provides for the availability of state support, in the Rostov region, the procedure for interaction between the regional and municipal authorities when considering applications from business entities.