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Rostov region offers unique opportunities for development of exhibition activity on its territory: its geographical position and well-developed transportation infrastructure, economic, intellectual and cultural potentials make solid foundation for the new strategy of exhibition development and enhancement of cooperation between exhibition business participants. That is why sustainable development and support of exhibition activity are important.


In order to create a positive image of the Rostov region as both economic and business center of the South of Russia and also to increase investment appeal of the region, financial support of priority regional, interregional and international exhibitions is included every year in the regional budget.

7 exhibition operators are registered in the Rostov region:

  • “VertolExpo”
  • “Rosteks”
  • “Rostov Expo”
  • “Daelkom”
  • “Rostov Kupecheskiy”
  • “Expo-Don”
  • “Plaza-Expo”

Beside these operators – organizers of events, a number of companies which operate on the regional market provide services for individual expositions, design and assemble collective expositions of the Rostov region during international exhibitions and fairs.

The main exhibitions in the Rostov region are held in Rostov-on-Don, on the unique specialized space – “VertolExpo”, but also in cultural and sports center “Express”, sports center “Sport-Don”, congress-hotel “Don-Plaza”. 

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